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    1. People use these to add PoE to non-PoE switches and routers. For example a simple switch can be used, and this device will add Poe to it.

    2. With 802.3af cameras - it is automatic. If your cameras (like Hikvision and Swann) are marked " 12v, PoE " then they are also automatic. If your cameras are like the Foscam non-PoE ( 5v or 12v ) then you need our converter to step down from 48 volt to 5 volt or 12 volt - because 5 volt cannot be reliably distributed over Ethernet cable at distances over 10 feet, but with 48 volt 328 feet or 1oo meters is not a problem.

    *This product is equivalent to the WT-AT-8 injector

    Here you will find the link to our GAT- 8 injector:
    - Without power supply:
    - With power supply:

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