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    1. This device provides power on pins 12 and 36 (802.3af mode A) - these are the data pins in all ethernet devices. As written in Wikipedia - "all versions of Ethernet over twisted pair cable specify differential data transmission over each pair with transformer coupling; the DC supply and load connections can be made to the transformer center-taps at each end. " this means that both 10/100 and gigE non-PoE devices will be isolated from the applied voltage via their input transformers. That said - these are passive always on devices - the input voltage is always applied hence the lower cost compared to auto negotiating 802.3af switches, but you can spec the power supply to best fit the total power needed - which is another cost saving.

    2. Yes it will - the specs are compatible, just the 802.3at uses up to 25 watts per port, you can mix and match to either 120 watts total, or with an extra power supply, 240 watts total.

    3. Yes, all 12 ports are powered with the same voltage. The current is shared as needed - the sum of the current for each device ( watts/volts) must be less that 2.5 amps or 120 watts - each device takes the power (watts) it needs from the common 48 volt source

    4. It is fan less - so no noise. The injector panel has all the transformers required to merge power and data onto the same Ethernet wire, but this does not great much heat. The power brick converts 110/240 volts to 48 volts at about 90% or more efficiency - so it will only get a little warm and needs no fan.

    *This product is equivalent to the WS-GPOE-12-1U injector

    Here you will find the link to our GPOE-12-1U injector:
    - Without power supply:
    - With power supply:

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