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    1. Is the voltage automatically adjusted depending on the which cameras are connected?

    2. What are the temperature restraints for this device?
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    1. With 802.3af cameras - it is automatic. If your cameras (like Hikvision and Swann) are marked " 12v, PoE " then they are also automatic. If your cameras are like the Foscam non-PoE (5v or 12v) then you need our converter to step down from 48 volt to 5 volt or 12 volt - because 5 volt cannot be reliably distributed over Ethernet cable at distances over 10 feet, but with 48 volt 328 feet or 100 meters is not a problem.

    2. The injector is not sensitive to temperature, so 60 degrees Celsius is OK. But the power supply needs to be in a cooler space, max of 40 degrees Celsius or so, depending on how heavily it is loaded. You can extend the distance from the power supply to the injector with an AWG18 wire if needed.

    *This product is equivalent to the WT-GPOE-8

    Here you will fin the link to our GPOE-8 injector:
    - Without power supply:
    - With power supply:

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