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    1. Why does it say "not for Ubiquiti UAP" when the Ubiquiti UAP's are 24 volt?

    2. Does this work with PoE cameras?
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    1. Because the original UAP are 24 volt and not Gigabit. Meanwhile, the UAP-AC-Lite are Gigabit and 24 volts, so this IS the correct solution. The UAP-Pro and UAP-AC are Gigabit - but are 48 volt. So if you are using 24 volt UAP original - our 10/100 products are lower cost for you.

    Here is the link to those 10/100 products

    2. This is not the right solution for PoE cameras. For PoE cameras you need our POES-8-7-48v60w (WS-POES-8-748v60w). The only 24 volt PoE cameras are made by UBNT.

    *This product is equivalent to the WT-GPOE-8B

    Here you will find the link to our GPOE-8B injector:

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