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    1. Can I use this with Cat7 cable?

    2. Between my router and two cameras, I only have one Ethernet cable - can I use these to share one cable for two cameras? Will PoE work ?

    3. Can I use this to split the Ethernet cable going into my audio receiver to connect my Roku ?

    4. Can this device can run 2 cameras with different static IP's from a single line? For example, a 2 port switch powered by PoE and with PoE pass thru?
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    1. This product is designed to work with Cat5e cable and provides 10/100mbps data speed.

    2. Yes, if you have two of these, you can use it to power two 802.3af POE cameras on one Ethernet cable.

    3. Yes, you can use this to provide 10/100 mbps to 2 devices.

    4. It is able to power two different cameras. This is not a switch, it comes with two of the splitters. You will plug one of them into your switch still using two ports on your switch. Then it puts the data pairs from each cable onto one cable. Then at the end of that single cable, you connect the second MMF-RJ45 and it splits it back onto the two cables at the end of the splitter. It'll only put power on Mode A pins which will be 1,2,3 and 6.

    *This product is equivalent to the WT-MMF-RJ45

    Here is the link to this product on our site:

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