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    1. Should I use Mode B for connecting IP cameras (Hikvision) and Ubiquiti access points?

    2. If a product is described as Mode B, that means it dedicates two pairs to carrying only power and thus only 100b-t. Wouldn't it be considered a Mode A device?
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    1. You can use either mode A or mode B for Hikvision. Many people prefer mode A because they can use just 4 wires in the Ethernet cable instead of all 8. For UBNT - be aware that the AC lite and older products are 24 volts, so don't apply 48v to a 24v device. For UBNT 48 volt devices, please use mode A, for example the Unifi-IW will only work with 48 volt mode A.

    2. Gigabit data requires all 4 pairs. Power can be supplied on either mode A or mode B sets of pairs using a coupling transformer. Our Mode B devices (ex. GPOE-1-WM or WS-GPOE-1-WM) has the coupling transformer on the mode B pairs. We have mode A devices too, but this one is a mode B. For example, all Mikrotik and UBNT Gigabit devices require mode B. All other devices that support Gigabit Ethernet that we have seen accept either mode A or mode B power.

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