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    1. Can I disconnect cable from the lamp end to route it into a weatherproof box to meet up with camera cable?

    2. This flood light splits the existing Cat5e or Cat6 to use for light and camera? Meaning no need to run additional Cat5e,6 for this light?

    3. If I have a Cisco switch that supports 802.3at PoE+ and 802.3af can I run a Cat5e cable directly to this device or will I need another part to do it?

    4. Can the unit be set to an "always on" mode? I would like to control the off/on by either simply plug/unplug on the injector.

    5. I plan on using this light for a Reolink RLC-410 camera with wavelength of 850nm. Will this flood light work, and if so, what is the approximate distance?

    6. Are these flood lights 802.3af compliant?

    7. Can you switch the light to dusk to dawn instead of motion?

    8. Can I use this as a stand alone PoE motion detected spot light?
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    1. Yes, you can - but made the male and female cable ends so you don't have to cut any wires - if you want to cut them anyway then it is no problem.

    2. Yes - this is correct. Also - you can use Cat-5e - the loss is low at 8 watts even at 328 ft with our 48v PoE injector - the loss is only 250 mw.

    3. This model allows you to share one CAT-5e between the IR device and pass thru the 802.3af voltage and data to a camera. Choose the kit with power injector, it is $5 more - unless you have a 24v power supply.

    4. It requires a small jumper inside the device, not recommended unless you are ok with a soldering iron. We have other models that are always on available soon.

    5. Yes, this will light up a cone about 50 ft from the device. You will be able to share the ethernet wire between the camera and the IR device.

    6. Thanks for the question. We do have an 802.3af version coming, the one in stock here is designed for sharing a camera and Illuminator on one cat-5e run, and since the camera takes the 802.3af, this model uses passive PoE so that the switch is not overloaded.

    7. Not this version - we have another version with dusk to dawn in design.

    8. Yes, this model uses the passive method. This allows one CAT-5 Ethernet line to power the IR and a camera. Also - you won't use up a PoE port for a non data device.

    9. Yes - you can. We have two passive versions and one 802.3af version. Use the 802.3af version if you have a spare PoE port on a switch. Use the passive versions if you don't have spare PoE ports. There is one passive with a power supply, and one passive without. The one with the power supply is ideal for single installations. The one without power supply is designed to work with 4 port and 8 port PoE injectors.

    You can find the link to this product here:

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