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    Yes - you use this to power the cameras - connect the PoE side to the camera, and the LAN side to a switch, that switch also goes to the NVR. In the specs for your camera - you will see the word 802.3af - that means 48 volts, if you see " 12v, PoE " that means 12 volts if you use a wall transformer and 48 volts when powered by the Ethernet cable. Almost all PoE cameras are 48 volts - except Ubiquiti.

    *This product is equivalent to the WS-POE-16-1U

    Here you will find the link to our POE-16-1U injector:
    - Without power supply: https://shopify.poe-world.com/products/poe-16-1u-poe-injector
    - With power supply: https://shopify.poe-world.com/products/poe-16-1u-poe-injector-with-power-supply

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