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    1. How do you use this with IP cams that usually take 12 volts. This unit puts 48 volts through the cable, how is it regulated?

    2. Have these units been tested with Gigabit? Or are they limited to 10/100 operation?

    3. Can this be used for both 48 volt IP cameras and 24 volt Ubiquiti access points simultaneously?

    4. Does the injector need to be connected to router/switch if I only need it to power WiFi PoE security cameras and not transmit data?

    5. Will data still pass through injecotr without power? For example, if I lose power to the injector and I plug an AC adapter into my phone, will data pass through?
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    1. The label on the camera may say 12v/PoE. This means it uses 12 volts if powered from a local transformer, and 48 volts when powered via the Ethernet cable. Only Ubiquiti seems to use 24 volts via Ethernet cable for cameras. If the word PoE or 802.3af does not appear - then you need a splitter at the camera to extract the power from the Ethernet cable for the camera, a passive splitter will work up to 75 ft, beyond that, you need an active splitter.

    2. This device is the 10/100 version - since two pairs are used for data, and 2 pairs for power. There are Gigabit versions "GPOE" that use transformers to share power and data - so all 4 pairs are active and Gigabit rates are supported. We have Gigabit injectors available for 1, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 ports.

    Here is the link to our Gigabit injectors: https://shopify.poe-world.com/collections/gigabit-poe-injectors-and-switches?page=1

    3. If you have many 24 volt devices, and just one or 2 48 volt devices - then our POE-48v10w (equivalent to the WS-POE-48v10w) step up converter will let you power both from the same injector, one step up converter for each camera. If you have many 48 volt devices and just one or two 24 volt, then our 24 volt devices will step the 48v down to 24 volts.

    4. No, if used only for power, you don't need any switch connection.

    5. Yes, data will still pass thru.

    *This product is equivalent to the WS-POE-8-ENC injector

    Here you will find the link to our POE-8 injector:
    - Without power supply: https://shopify.poe-world.com/products/poe-8-enc-poe-injector
    - With power supply: https://shopify.poe-world.com/products/poe-8-enc-poe-injector-with-power-supply

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