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    1. I understand voltage drop at a distance through Cat6. But I don't want to fry my PoE cameras with 48 volts, do your products regulate the voltage on their end?

    2. Is it possible to switch a 48 volt PSU out for a 24 volt PSU without replacing the panel if I wanted to repurpose it?
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    1. PoE cameras accept 44-56 volts and we step it down internally to the chip voltages of 5 volts or less without splitters. This reduces voltage loss in the Ethernet cable.
    You can find those splitters here: https://shopify.poe-world.com/collections/poe-splitters

    2. Yes - some of our devices (example: GPOE-12-48v60w also called the WS-GPOE-12-48v60w) have two inputs one for mode A (almost all 48 volt devices are mode A) and one for mode B (almost all 24 volt devices are mode B). The panel itself is the same in both our 24 volt, 56 volt, and 48 volt kits - only the power supply is different.

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